Xiamen SeaShine Palace Hotel 夏商·怡翔酒店(南湖店)

Address: Hubin East Road No.291, Xiamen City, China 福建省厦门市思明区湖滨东路291号(南湖公园附近)

Tel: +86-592-3782777


About Xiamen
Xiamen, China's cleanest, most beautiful, seaport city, is located on the southeastern coast of Fujian Province. Xiamen City, as an administrative unit, can be dated back as far as the Song Dynasty. It has always been an important trading port, but since its establishment as one of China's first four Special Economic Zones in 1981, Xiamen has become a "window city" for China's opening to the outside world. It's one of the municipalities approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, being specially designated under separate state plan and enjoying provincial level of power in economic management. Today, Xiamen is a rapidly growing city, with a vigourous economy and a fully-modern infrastructure. Over the past 10 years, Xiamen has increasingly focused on the cultivation of international trade, education, and tourism.
By reorganizing old landscapes and developing new sceneries, Xiamen has formed five main Tourist areas- Gulangyu Island Tourist Area, Nanputuo Temple Tourist Area, Wangshi Rock Tourist Area, Huangcuo Tourist Area and Jimei Tourist Area. Beside its richful travel resources and pleasant weather, Xiamen also provides fast and convenient transportation and communication, and complete travel establishments. All makes Xiamen one of the most suitable cities for investors and tourists in China.
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